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Design Services

From Recommendations to Full Service Installation

1st Impressions Design offers a variety of design services to suit your needs. You can choose one or more individual services or combine several as part of a comprehensive design package tailored just for you.

In-Home Design Consultation

Twin Cities Area Residents Only

– $350 –

A walk-through consultation (up to two hours) that includes design advice, recommendations, tools, and resources to help guide homeowners and help them achieve their design goals. A suggested color palette and written summary report are included.


Color Consultation

Half of all paint sales in the US are related to repainting expensive color mistakes! I use a tried-and-true process that helps prevent costly mistakes for both home interiors and exteriors. I provide large paint sample sheets, not tiny little paint chips, and I help homeowners understand why considering the home’s other permanent finishes is essential for choosing the right colors. This can be a stand-alone service, or it may be included as part of my design service options.

– $100/room –

Minimum $300 purchase for interior consultations  /  Minimum $200 for exterior consultations

E-Design Services

Features online, interactive design boards that show room diagrams in both 2-D and 3-D, along with mood boards that feature product recommendations, inspiration images, and a color palette. A product list with direct links to online retailers is also included. Clients can respond directly with their comments and requests, so this is truly a collaborative experience! 1st Impressions Design offers several e-design packages, as well as a customizable package for multiple rooms. This option is perfect for both DIYers who simply need a design plan to get started or as part of a comprehensive design experience for homeowners who want additional design services.

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E-Design Packages


E-Design Accessories


E-Design Gold Package


E-Design Platinum Package

Shopping Services

Shopping for furniture and décor can feel overwhelming, so I can shop with you to help you navigate the sales floors of your favorite stores and choose products that are going to work well in your design plan. My expertise will help you save time and money, and I will happily pass along my trade discounts with participating retailers.

– $100/hour –

Installation Services

When you want a designer’s touch in arranging your furniture, hanging drapes and artwork, and styling accessories, 1st impressions Design provides those services to help you end up with the room of your dreams! I can also connect my clients to a variety of professional trades as needed, such as painters, electricians, handypersons, tile and flooring installers, cabinetmakers, contractors, etc. to make sure your design project has only the best results.

– $150/hour –

Professional Custom Design Services

Comprehensive professional design customized to meet your needs.

– $150/hour –

In-Home Consultation

For Twin Cities Residents Only

A walk-through consultation of your space(s) for up to two hours, allows me to ask a series of questions to determine your design needs, wants, and wishes. I will make recommendations for furniture, art, décor, and color, PLUS provide design tips, advice, and resources for proper installation. An email summary report is included.


This online option also begins with an in-depth questionnaire, which also allows you to upload photos and measurements of your space. I will create on-line design boards showing a furniture layout plan, color palette, and product suggestions that may include furniture, area rugs, wall art, lighting, and decorative accents. Clients can comment and ask questions right on the design boards, which allows the perfect opportunity for homeowner/designer collaboration. Links to online retailers allow you to shop directly or you can print out pictures and size specifications of recommended products as a resource for shopping at your favorite local stores. Additional tip sheets with advice and resources are included to guide homeowners with installation.

For local clients in the Twin Cities Area, I can also provide a “Mini” Walk-Through Consultation ahead of time, taking the necessary photos and measurements for the clients, and providing a color analysis of their existing finishes. This is half the price of a full consultation and is only available with the purchase of an E-Design package.

Shopping Services

Using my expertise, I will accompany you to various stores, both wholesale and retail, to help you choose your finishes, furnishings, and fixtures as determined by your design plan. I will also share my trade discounts at participating retailers. This is a huge time-saver and money-saver for most clients!


Once your new items have been purchased and delivered, I can arrange to set up your space(s) for you. This includes placing area rugs, arranging furniture, hanging drapes and wall art, and styling décor on shelves, mantels, and coffee tables for a high-end, designer look.

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