Light fixtures, cabinet hardware, paint, flooring, countertops, stonework, brickwork, sofa, chair, coffee table, vases, pillows, decor

Do your rooms give you a sense of joy?

As you look around, do they reflect your own individual sense of style?

As we’re spending more time at home, it’s more important to be in spaces that nurture and uplift you.

I’m Deb Garvin, and I promise I will always put your needs and wants first. It’s a simplified process because I’ll present you with options and explain and teach you along the way. I happen to have the rare visual ability to see shapes, colors, and designs that are invisible to others. This means you’ll get more sophisticated results faster and easier.

Imagine your newly designed rooms. They feel fresh, welcoming, and so You! You love hanging out in them, even just walking by them makes you smile. And you know you got a high-end look for NOT a high-end price.

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Professional Design

Don’t want to DIY? Full-service interior design is an easy process for you. I’ll develop a design plan for that high-end look, for not a high-end price! You will love being in your new spaces!


To update and refresh your home’s decor, I’ll give you a comprehensive design plan that functions for your family and reflects the colors and design styles that you love. 


Shopping services can be done as a stand-alone service or added on to any of the other services. Online or in-person, I have the resources to get what you want.


E-Design services are a perfect and affordable option for DIY homeowners who need a plan to get started! See my E-Design page for more information. 

Color Consulting

Color consultations can be a stand-alone service or as part of the staging and design services. Check out the page on color consulting services for more information.


Staging your home to make a great first impression for buyers and help sell your home quickly and for more money.

Ready to love your home?
Let’s get started with your initial ideas and goals, then working together,
I’ll create a customized design plan for living your best life!